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Hi Mr.T,

Thank you so much for helping them.

I know it was on a very, very late notice, but you did it again. More will come, it's just that it's hard to find the time to really push it (with very slow internet), while running a camp at the same time.

Speak soon,
Willem (Nertherlands)

Guest Review

Hello Mr T!
Nice to hear from you. We had a wonderfull time in Botswana, the highlight was the Mogotho campsite! Actually it is not a campsite :) The only tip we can give you is to advice the people not to go to Mogotho first but 3 th bridge, than Mogotho and Savuti. Anyhow, we will be back! Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom gave us a good advice to contact you.

Hopefully we will meet again.

Warm regards,
Wout and Lieneke Breeman From Germay

Mr T

The safari was marvelous and we enjoy it very much. Costa is a wonderful guide and we are very pleased with him. We recommend him very much. Just for you to know i send you my opinion about the camps: Audi Camp - good to begin the safari, good restaurant and breakfast, ensuite tent good. 3rd Bridge - best camp to safari, nice people, little shop with grocery, sanitary facilities regular, ensuite tent good. Savuti camp - Ensuite tent very good.

We will came back.
Best regards
Maria Costa From Portugal


Morning Mr T
Hope all is well. Thank you for arranging my accommodation. Please send me my next set for June/July holidays. Also we need to have a chat regarding future busy together.

Kind Regards
Bradley Edwards From RSA


Hi Mr T,
Yes we made it back in one piece. This was an awesome experience and was amazed by the beauty and animals we have encountered. I must again compliment you and the company on a job well-done. We had no issues with our bookings as it was well organized and the facilities you have booked us at were stunning and well organized and run. Everybody was extremely friendly and helpful. This all contributed to the best experience we had in travelling and the whole group accompanying us still cannot stop talking about it, so much so that they are already planning the next trip. Rest assured, we will be using your services again.

Thank you again for your professionalism and keeping us abreast at all times.
Best regards
Jaco (RSA)


Dear Mr T
Now we are back at home. Everything went well; we all enjoyed our trip very much. The nature and the wildlife of Botswana are very special for us. We liked the night at Third Bridge very much, the Elephants were just around us. Thank you again for you organizing a part of our trip.

We wish you successful business and Kind regards
Familiy Fankhauser (Switzerland)


Hi Mr T
Our holiday was great thank you! The rain created some detours along the way but all in all it was fantastic. The game and bird sittings were great we will definitely be back!

Kind Regards
Bronwyn (RSA)


Dear Mr. T,
Not sure Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom told you when he visited you in February but he and I are together and together in our camping business! The people you helped this afternoon (Mogotho and 3rd Bridge) are my parents. I'm sure they referred to Willem and me? My parents texted me around 5.30 that they had arrived safely at Mogotho campsite. There were some deep mud crossings but they'll be ok. They already love it! Thank you very much for helping out on such short notice! I look forward to meet you in person!

Kind regards,
Iris Breeman